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countrysideksa.com - your path to natural beauty
Turn to us for unique jewelry created from natural materials by the hands of master jewelers in Brooklyn.


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Real Lava Ring

This ring is eye-catching for its strangeness and durability. Each ring is unique, handmade, and reminiscent of natural lava in its shape.

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Wood and silver pendant

This pendant is created using eco-friendly materials: wood and silver. It is decorated with a small brass drop that makes a sound reminiscent of the sound of rain.

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Natural Stone Earrings

These earrings are created from a natural stone that resembles a jungle. Their shape can only be seen up close, but they look very delicate on the ear and complement any outfit beautifully.

About us:

countrysideksa.com is a company that creates unique jewelry from natural materials in Brooklyn. Each of our pieces is lovingly created and carefully crafted by our master jewelers to bring out their natural beauty. We are environmentally conscious and strive to create wonders without harming the environment. Our top priority is meeting the needs of our customers and making sure our products bring joy to our customers.

Our exclusive products made from natural materials allow our customers to express their individuality and emphasize their naturalness. We offer a wide selection of jewelry to suit any outfit and any occasion.

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Each piece is handmade and unique;
We use only eco-friendly materials;
Our prices are affordable for any budget;
We guarantee high quality of our products;

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countrysideksa.com is a unique opportunity to receive jewelry made from natural materials, created using advanced technology and the craftsmanship of our artisans. We pride ourselves on the joy and pleasure our products can bring to their wearers. You can contact us and get a customized piece that will meet your requirements and wishes. We have all the raw materials and experience to create the jewelry you dream about. Make the right choice and purchase a unique piece of jewelry from countrysideksa.com.

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